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We are DRIVEN by our passion to Do More than just rescue.

Pittie Posse Rescue and Sanctuary has three missions:

  1. Rescue of animals: from overcrowded shelters in high-kill cities across the country (pulling from locations that are overwhelmed, such as, but not limited to, the South) as well as from owner surrenders, cruelty cases, and criminal seizures of dogs. 
  2. Rehabilitation and training of rescued dogs in our care so we’re adopting out dogs that have already completed basic obedience. Lack of manners and difficulty training this often-stubborn breed is one of the number one reasons adopted dogs get returned. We then carefully place dogs in loving adoptive homes. Our rescue is unique in that we stay in touch with adoptive families– we invite them into a private group where they can keep us updated on the dog, ask for training support, get vet questions answered, and share success pictures of their new pup.
  3. To make the world a better place for the bully breeds and the rescue workers who run themselves ragged to save them: educate the public on the plight of the breed and model responsible dog ownership: including offering on-site training to the public, video training, spay and neuter support, and advocacy.

When we get our land we additionally plan to provide TLC, rehab and training for RESCUE workers – who burn out, get stress-related diseases at a high rate, and sometimes even suicide from the heartbreak of the work they do. We’ll have space for rescue worker’s retreats, healing work, and even training programs and workshops on how to be a part of rescue without losing your mind or health.

State Of Maine Shelter license # F1607

State Of Maine Import Permit # 2017-0006

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Part of the inspiration behind Pittie Posse (Sal)

Did you know there are shelters around the country where 1 in 600 pit bulls make it out alive?  > READ MORE ABOUT SAL

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