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There are shelters around the country where 1 in 600 pit bulls make it out alive.

There are fight rings busted where over 100 abused and wounded dogs are pulled, in counties that are already stretched to breaking with the unwanted animals they already have.

There are so many shelters where dogs (most of them pit bulls) wind up after years of neglect, torture, and other abuse– only to be killed before they even get a chance to be adopted.

This dog below is Sal.


In October, he wound up at a shelter in the Los Angeles area. He had major head trauma, was blind (possibly from the head trauma) and can be shown here, terrified, confused, and hysterical.

He was killed before rescues even had a chance to find him and grab him.

Sal broke our hearts. If we had started this rescue a year ago, we might have been able to find Sal and bring him to safety. He died without knowing love, comfort, or a life free from pain and fear.

So, we’re already too late for so many dogs. But with your help, we’re going to be EXACTLY on time for others like Sal.

Watch video:

> Learn more about how to help us in our mission to help more dogs like Sal.

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