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Pittie Posse Rescue’s Pet Pantry is a pet food pantry offering dog and cat food, treats, toys, cat litter and puppy pads free for those in need in Southern Maine.
The pantry is a deep part of our rescue mission, as we believe that a beloved family pet is MUCH better off staying with their family even through financial hardship than they are being surrendered into the system because the family is having a hard time buying food. Part of PP’s mission is to work on the social issues that cause the flood of animals into the shelter and rescue systems.
More and more families are surrendering their pets because they’ve fallen on hard times and can not afford to feed them, or are elderly and are being forced to choose between their medications and food for their pets.
Surrendering a beloved pet is very hard on both the humans and the pets. Many surrendered pets do not do well physically or emotionally in a shelter environment. Pets are not just pets, they are family members, companions and emotional support. No one should be forced to surrender their pet because they are unable to afford pet food.
Life is not always easy and tough times happen to us all. Pittie Posse Rescue’s Pet Pantry aims to ease the burden just a little.
We have hopes of expanding to mid-coast and down east Maine in 2021, as well as being able to provide limited and select support with spay and neuter surgery, vaccine clinics, and other vetting expenses.
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