Breaking the Barrier on Pitbull Adoptions

PORTLAND, Maine — Life hasn’t always been easy for two-year-old pitbull mix, Blue.

The Pittie Posse Rescue and Sanctuary says that Blue’s previous owner used forceful training on him with a shock collar.

The family ended up surrendering Blue to the organization. 

The organization’s goal is to change the public’s perception of bully breeds.

Pittie Posse focuses on the rehabilitation and positive training of good dogs throughout Maine. They also train owners to be more responsible. 

Pittie Posse also uses foster homes across the state to get the dogs ready for adoption.

Co-founder Britt Bolnick says it can be difficult for people to adopt bully breeds- not because of the stigma, but because landlords don’t allow them.

While some insurance companies cover them, others do not. 

There are no state regulations for the types of breeds people can have.

As for Blue, he’s now living with his foster mom, Naomi.

Naomi and Bolnick have been working together to train him since the end of June, so he can find a forever owner he can give plenty of kisses to. 

“They are just the best dogs. The worst part is when you really know one. You understand what has to be done to one- they are the most exploited and abused breeds in America- but they are such good dogs.” Said Bolnick. 

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